Top Consumer Defensives stocks in Japan

Producers, processors and retailers of food, tobacco and beverages, and manufacturers of household and personal products, as well as providers of personal services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon3382Seven & I Holdings Co¥5tn13.721.81%
jp flag icon2914Japan Tobacco¥4tn10.76.42%
jp flag icon8113Unicharm¥3tn45.790.75%
jp flag icon4452Kao¥3tn29.392.37%
jp flag icon2502Asahi group¥2tn17.532.29%
jp flag icon8267Aeon Co¥2tn52.981.29%
jp flag icon4911Shiseido Co¥2tn82.991%
jp flag icon2802Ajinomoto Co¥2tn25.131.38%
jp flag icon2503Kirin Holdings Co¥2tn14.542.89%
jp flag icon2801Kikkoman¥2tn43.340.68%
jp flag icon2587Suntory Beverage & Food¥2tn18.561.52%
jp flag icon2267Yakult Honsha Co¥1tn29.740.85%
jp flag icon2897Nissin Foods Holdings Co¥1tn29.171.21%
jp flag icon2269Meiji Holdings Co¥966bn14.992.48%
jp flag icon3038Kobe Bussan Co¥876bn43.60.5%
jp flag icon4922Kose¥777bn36.111.4%
jp flag icon3088MatsukiyoCocokara & Co¥760bn19.131.3%
jp flag icon2593Ito En¥757bn53.780.64%
jp flag icon4967Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co¥651bn31.681%
jp flag icon3141Welcia Holdings Co¥642bn19.520.98%