Top Consumer Defensives stocks in Taiwan

Producers, processors and retailers of food, tobacco and beverages, and manufacturers of household and personal products, as well as providers of personal services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon1216Uni-President EnterprisesTWD375.01bn20.584.09%
tw flag icon2912President Chain StoreTWD288.50bn32.323.24%
tw flag icon1229Lien Hwa Industrial HoldingsTWD77.54bn19.643.26%
tw flag icon1210Great Wall Enterprise CoTWD39.66bn21.53.05%
tw flag icon1227Standard FoodsTWD35.88bn22.824.81%
tw flag icon1232TTET UnionTWD24.88bn18.63.86%
tw flag icon1215Charoen Pokphand Enterprise Taiwan CoTWD23.47bn17.363.43%
tw flag icon1707Grape King BioTWD20.15bn14.864.49%
tw flag icon2723Gourmet Master CoTWD19.62bn26.934.59%
tw flag icon1218Taisun Enterprise CoTWD16.24bn28.952.99%
tw flag icon1231Lian Hwa FoodsTWD16.23bn19.231.87%
tw flag icon4137Chlitina HoldingTWD13.35bn12.517.14%
tw flag icon1234Hey-SongTWD13.34bn16.595.12%
tw flag icon1225Formosa Oilseed Processing CoTWD11.37bn23.463.08%
tw flag icon1702Namchow Holdings CoTWD10.85bn12.345.03%
tw flag icon1201Wei Chuan FoodsTWD9.99bn16.762.54%
tw flag icon1256Sunjuice Holdings CoTWD8.22bn20.615.35%
tw flag icon1235Shin Tai Industry CoTWD7.57bn46.771.04%
tw flag icon1203Ve WongTWD7.46bn17.673.5%
tw flag icon1737Taiyen Biotech CoTWD6.41bn17.734.68%