Top Consumer Cyclicals stocks in Taiwan

Manufacturers of automobiles, household goods, textiles and other products, as well as homebuilders and retailers, and providers of consumer services, such as hotel, entertainment and media services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon2207Hotai Motor CoTWD352.65bn12.173.16%
tw flag icon2105Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. CoTWD160.61bn20.344.04%
tw flag icon9910Feng Tay Enterprises CoTWD159.97bn28.942.65%
tw flag icon1476Eclat Textile CoTWD145.96bn25.522.54%
tw flag icon8464Nien Made Enterprise CoTWD108.42bn19.723.24%
tw flag icon9904Pou ChenTWD106.82bn7.983.03%
tw flag icon8454Momo ComTWD106.23bn28.563.35%
tw flag icon1477Makalot Industrial CoTWD92.63bn22.324.28%
tw flag icon9921Giant Manufacturing CoTWD84.29bn27.912.33%
tw flag icon2201Yulon Motor CoTWD72.78bn17.772.04%
tw flag icon2915Ruentex IndustriesTWD72.07bn6.133.7%
tw flag icon9914Merida Industry CoTWD70.56bn45.892.54%
tw flag icon1319Tong Yang Industry CoTWD70.39bn18.523.36%
tw flag icon2204China MotorTWD70.03bn12.624.74%
tw flag icon6890LAI YIH Footware CoTWD64.22bn22.59n/a
tw flag icon2206Sanyang Motor CoTWD62.18bn12.233.82%
tw flag icon1802Taiwan Glass IndTWD58.89bn98.75n/a
tw flag icon2101Nankang Rubber TireTWD46.62bn234.35n/a
tw flag icon2903Far Eastern Department StoresTWD44.94bn16.895.02%
tw flag icon2227Yulon Nissan Motor CoTWD40.95bn29.752.55%