Top Textiles & Apparel stocks in Taiwan

Manufacturers of fabrics, leather and other textiles, apparel, accessories and footwear.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon9910Feng Tay Enterprises CoTWD189.10bn29.583.21%
tw flag icon1476Eclat Textile CoTWD135.54bn26.163.44%
tw flag icon9904Pou ChenTWD84.72bn11.254.52%
tw flag icon1477Makalot Industrial CoTWD82.96bn22.884.23%
tw flag icon2915Ruentex IndustriesTWD63.21bn5.893.38%
tw flag icon1434Formosa Taffeta CoTWD42.82bn31.635.89%
tw flag icon1409Shinkong Synthetic FibersTWD25.01bn18.826.45%
tw flag icon1440Tainan Spinning CoTWD24.36bnn/a2.38%
tw flag icon9802Fulgent Sun International (Holding) CoTWD23.20bn7.764.91%
tw flag icon9938Taiwan PaihoTWD16.81bn23.874.43%
tw flag icon6768Sports Gear CoTWD12.96bn9.917.56%
tw flag icon1419Shinkong Textile CoTWD12.81bn20.653.5%
tw flag icon4438Quang Viet Enterprise CoTWD11.69bn12.436.02%
tw flag icon1307San Fang Chemical Industry CoTWD10.38bn17.013.07%
tw flag icon1444Lealea Enterprise CoTWD10.29bnn/an/a
tw flag icon1342Cathay ConsolidatedTWD7.52bn14.455.09%
tw flag icon8404Paiho Shih HoldingsTWD6.88bnn/a0.87%
tw flag icon1315Tah Hsin IndustrialTWD6.81bn8.78.42%
tw flag icon1447Li Peng Enterprise CoTWD6.32bnn/an/a
tw flag icon1464De Licacy Industrial CoTWD5.52bn27.862.78%