Top Textiles & Apparel stocks in Korea, Republic of

Manufacturers of fabrics, leather and other textiles, apparel, accessories and footwear.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon383220F&F CoKR₩6tn15.070.76%
kr flag icon111770YoungoneKR₩2tn4.572.11%
kr flag icon298050Hyosung Advanced MaterialsKR₩2tn6.692.9%
kr flag icon120110Kolon IndustriesKR₩1tn6.622.92%
kr flag icon298020Hyosung TNCKR₩1tn2.3219.01%
kr flag icon241590Hwaseung Enterprise CoKR₩745bnn/a0.37%
kr flag icon105630Hansae CoKR₩612bn8.563.21%
kr flag icon009970Youngone Holdings CoKR₩594bn1.893.91%
kr flag icon007700F&F Holdings CoKR₩580bn5.411.14%
kr flag icon020000HandsomeKR₩551bn4.452.39%
kr flag icon033290Cowell Fashion CoKR₩489bn7.442.8%
kr flag icon093050LFKR₩444bn4.113.85%
kr flag icon298540The Nature Holdings CoKR₩396bn5.590.74%
kr flag icon005390Shinsung Tongsang CoKR₩353bn4.53n/a
kr flag icon104480TK ChemicalKR₩308bn0.63n/a
kr flag icon000050KyungbangKR₩293bn15.081.06%
kr flag icon001530DI Dong IlKR₩283bn5.621.3%
kr flag icon001460BYC CoKR₩251bn7.760.37%
kr flag icon110790Creas F&C CoKR₩247bn14.84.44%
kr flag icon006060HWASEUNG Industries CoKR₩242bn54.433.97%