Top Automobiles & Auto Parts stocks in Korea, Republic of

Manufacturers of automobiles, light trucks, motorcycles, as well as related vehicle parts, tires and primary rubber products.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon005380Hyundai Motor CoKR₩48tn4.134.92%
kr flag icon000270KiaKR₩34tn3.624.09%
kr flag icon012330Hyundai Mobis CoKR₩20tn6.031.76%
kr flag icon161390Hankook Tire & Technology CoKR₩6tn10.081.77%
kr flag icon018880Hanon SystemsKR₩4tn38.374.72%
kr flag icon011780Kumho Petro Chemical CoKR₩3tn6.564.27%
kr flag icon204320HL MandoKR₩2tn409.291.42%
kr flag icon011210Hyundai WiaKR₩2tnn/a1.18%
kr flag icon073240Kumho Tire CoKR₩2tn22.33n/a
kr flag icon003620KG Mobility CoKR₩1tn41.86n/a
kr flag icon005850SLKR₩1tn5.181.96%
kr flag icon009900Myoung Shin Industrial CoKR₩968bn7.06n/a
kr flag icon271940Iljin HySolus CoKR₩855bn238.87n/a
kr flag icon002350Nexen TireKR₩808bn10.261.19%
kr flag icon004490Sebang Global Battery CoKR₩724bn8.721.09%
kr flag icon015750Sungwoo Hitech CoKR₩707bn9.651.13%
kr flag icon007340DN AutomotiveKR₩585bn2.673.68%
kr flag icon064960SNT MOTIV CoKR₩561bn5.693.77%
kr flag icon381970K Car CoKR₩542bn18.986.74%
kr flag icon200880Seoyon E Hwa CoKR₩446bn4.170.91%