Top Automobiles & Auto Parts stocks in Japan

Manufacturers of automobiles, light trucks, motorcycles, as well as related vehicle parts, tires and primary rubber products.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon7203TOYOTA MOTOR¥35tn11.712.3%
jp flag icon7267Honda Motor Co¥8tn9.582.43%
jp flag icon6902Denso¥7tn20.581.96%
jp flag icon5108Bridgestone¥4tn11.123.29%
jp flag icon7269Suzuki Motor¥3tn12.061.75%
jp flag icon7201Nissan Motor Co¥2tn6.461.59%
jp flag icon7270Subaru¥2tn8.692.72%
jp flag icon7259Aisin¥1tn263.09%
jp flag icon7202Isuzu Motors¥1tn8.174.45%
jp flag icon5802Sumitomo Electric Industries¥1tn13.212.91%
jp flag icon7272Yamaha Motor Co¥1tn6.383.75%
jp flag icon7261Mazda Motor¥1tn5.72.8%
jp flag icon7211Mitsubishi Motors¥930bn4.980.8%
jp flag icon7276Koito Manufacturing Co¥726bn18.541.23%
jp flag icon5334Niterra Co¥668bn9.985.05%
jp flag icon3116Toyota Boshoku¥493bn17.262.65%
jp flag icon5101Yokohama Rubber Co¥480bn9.882.24%
jp flag icon6473JTEKT¥458bn9.922.25%
jp flag icon5110Sumitomo Rubber Industries¥420bn991.521.25%
jp flag icon7282Toyoda Gosei Co¥401bn16.021.94%