Top Hotels & Entertainment Services stocks in Japan

Operators of hotels, motels, cruise lines, restaurants, casinos, gaming operations, sports stadiums, golf courses, amusement parks and other recreational services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon4661Oriental Land Co¥8tn63.830.28%
jp flag icon7550Zensho Holdings Co¥976bn28.150.8%
jp flag icon2702McDonald's Holdings Japan¥807bn28.010.69%
jp flag icon3197Skylark Holdings Co¥485bn44.40.33%
jp flag icon6417Sankyo Co¥388bn8.784.52%
jp flag icon3397TORIDOLL Holdings¥340bn50.450.23%
jp flag icon3563Food & Life Companies¥312bn21.120.84%
jp flag icon7581Saizeriya Co¥288bn34.450.31%
jp flag icon4681Resorttrust¥258bn15.562.05%
jp flag icon3387Create Restaurants Holdings¥233bn30.690.63%
jp flag icon9616Kyoritsu Maintenance Co¥232bn17.590.82%
jp flag icon4680Round One¥227bn13.831.43%
jp flag icon6412Heiwa¥205bn12.313.85%
jp flag icon9861Yoshinoya Holdings Co¥187bn32.530.62%
jp flag icon7616Colowide Co¥178bn45.880.24%
jp flag icon7630Ichibanya Co¥175bn55.331.46%
jp flag icon9010Fuji Kyuko Co¥167bn30.190.83%
jp flag icon9936Ohsho Food Service¥163bn21.081.68%
jp flag icon2695Kura Sushi¥156bn24.480.51%
jp flag icon9166Genda¥148bn33.39n/a