Top Household Goods stocks in Japan

Manufacturers of consumer electronics, household appliances, tools, house wares and home furnishing goods.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon5947Rinnai¥482bn20.461.45%
jp flag icon7965Zojirushi¥97bn18.922.51%
jp flag icon8130Sangetsu¥92bn24.174.48%
jp flag icon5943Noritz¥66bn379.555.8%
jp flag icon5946Chofu Seisakusho Co¥61bn21.852.05%
jp flag icon7483Doshisha Co¥54bn10.673.85%
jp flag icon2751Tenpos Holdings Co¥28bn16.170.43%
jp flag icon6612BALMUDA¥25bn32.08n/a
jp flag icon5909Corona¥24bn25.793.34%
jp flag icon7989Tachikawa¥21bn7.062.79%
jp flag icon6788Nihon Trim Co¥19bn9.792.4%
jp flag icon6445Janome¥14bn5.363.49%
jp flag icon7769Rhythm Co¥14bn9.332.26%
jp flag icon7590Takasho Co¥13bn9.13.17%
jp flag icon5965Fujimak¥10bn13.62.7%
jp flag icon8144Denkyosha Co¥8bn11.833.17%
jp flag icon6897Twinbird¥7bn14.971.91%
jp flag icon7442Nakayamafuku Co¥6bn9.743.76%
jp flag icon9827Lilycolor Co¥5bn9.061.43%
jp flag icon6757OSG Co¥5bn8.884.56%