Top Household Goods stocks in United States

Manufacturers of consumer electronics, household appliances, tools, house wares and home furnishing goods.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
us flag iconTPXTempur Sealy International$7.32bn17.820.99%
us flag iconWHRWhirlpool$7.18bnn/a5.35%
us flag iconMIDDMiddleby$6.97bn14.87n/a
us flag iconSNSharkninja$6.08bn27.05n/a
us flag iconMHKMohawk Industries$5.53bn22.09n/a
us flag iconREYNReynolds Consumer Products$5.47bn22.723.53%
us flag iconNWLNewell Brands$3.72bn29.348.47%
us flag iconLEGLeggett & Platt$3.30bn14.617.19%
us flag iconSPBSpectrum Brands Holdings$2.82bnn/a2.12%
us flag iconHELEHelen of Troy$2.80bn15.96n/a
us flag iconLZBLa-Z-Boy$1.34bn9.622.29%
us flag iconTJBHTengjun Biotechnology$856.05m113.09n/a
us flag iconETDEthan Allen Interiors$741.37m7.264.52%
us flag iconTILEInterface$566.54m21.690.41%
us flag iconDTCSolo Brands$555.88m16.47n/a
us flag iconSNBRSleep Number$542.02m46.17n/a
us flag iconCOOKTraeger$373.14mn/an/a
us flag iconLOVELovesac Co$301.45m14.3n/a
us flag iconHOFTHooker Furnishings$209.88m28.124.4%
us flag iconPRPLPurple Innovation$182.95mn/an/a