Top Leisure Products stocks in Japan

Manufacturers of toys, games, computer games and consoles, as well as recreational products, such as sporting goods, camping equipment, musical instruments and bicycles.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon7974Nintendo Co¥8tn16.852.96%
jp flag icon7309Shimano¥2tn22.221.26%
jp flag icon7832Bandai Namco Holdings¥2tn25.072.3%
jp flag icon7936Asics¥998bn25.410.9%
jp flag icon7951Yamaha¥606bn18.921.95%
jp flag icon7867Tomy Co¥191bn14.881.55%
jp flag icon7944Roland¥127bn12.823.51%
jp flag icon7906Yonex Co¥123bn19.910.85%
jp flag icon7744Noritsu Koki Co¥110bn14.251.46%
jp flag icon8022Mizuno¥101bn8.941.89%
jp flag icon7552Happinet¥54bn11.042.69%
jp flag icon7990Globeride¥47bn6.693.17%
jp flag icon7816Snow Peak¥42bn39.51.08%
jp flag icon6238Furyu¥33bn16.483.06%
jp flag icon7952Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co¥28bn8.022.34%
jp flag icon7809Kotobukiya Co¥13bn10.311.68%
jp flag icon7841Endo Manufacturing Co¥7bn428.692.23%
jp flag icon7608SK Japan Co¥7bn11.641.58%
jp flag icon8135Zett¥6bn6.860.68%
jp flag icon7847Graphite Design¥5bn18.192.55%