Top Leisure Products stocks in Taiwan

Manufacturers of toys, games, computer games and consoles, as well as recreational products, such as sporting goods, camping equipment, musical instruments and bicycles.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon9921Giant Manufacturing CoTWD77.08bn12.884.87%
tw flag icon9914Merida Industry CoTWD53.97bn11.364.43%
tw flag icon6670Fusheng Precision CoTWD23.91bn7.116.58%
tw flag icon8478Alexander Marine CoTWD23.49bn17.231.87%
tw flag icon1736Johnson Health Tech CoTWD22.39bnn/a0.68%
tw flag icon4536TopkeyTWD14.21bn10.893.83%
tw flag icon1598Dyaco InternationalTWD4.99bn202.646.36%
tw flag icon1517Lee Chi Enterprises CoTWD4.98bn9.543.59%
tw flag icon1526Sun Race Sturmey-ArcherTWD3.01bn8.815.18%
tw flag icon8467Bonny WorldwideTWD2.63bn9.253.77%
tw flag icon8033Thunder TigerTWD2.41bn198.66n/a