Top Basic Materials stocks in Taiwan

Manufacturers, extractors and refiners of chemicals, minerals, precious metals, steel, aluminum, forest products, and construction and other raw materials.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon1301Formosa PlasticsTWD601.56bn8.148.68%
tw flag icon1303Nan Ya PlasticsTWD559.92bn8.0610.62%
tw flag icon2002China SteelTWD449.34bn7.5510.63%
tw flag icon1326Formosa Chemicals & FibreTWD412.36bn16.176.81%
tw flag icon1101Taiwan CementTWD264.37bn15.282.31%
tw flag icon1402Far Eastern New CenturyTWD161.90bn16.034.96%
tw flag icon1102Asia CementTWD149.82bn9.538.05%
tw flag icon2027Ta Chen Stainless Pipe CoTWD77.17bn5.714.42%
tw flag icon1722Taiwan Fertilizer CoTWD65.56bn21.194.19%
tw flag icon1717Eternal Materials CoTWD40.74bn11.94.57%
tw flag icon2006Tung Ho Steel EnterpriseTWD39.87bn7.3711.72%
tw flag icon2015Feng Hsin Steel CoTWD39.78bn9.727.31%
tw flag icon2014Chung Hung SteelTWD39.62bn11.2110.14%
tw flag icon1907YFYTWD39.43bn10.256.32%
tw flag icon1314China Petrochemical DevelopmentTWD38.79bn10.723.9%
tw flag icon1773Shiny Chemical Industrial CoTWD36.25bn20.611.66%
tw flag icon1904Cheng LoongTWD31.20bn96.75%
tw flag icon2023Yieh Phui Enterprise CoTWD30.63bn5.853.09%
tw flag icon9907Ton Yi IndustrialTWD29.61bn10.975.33%
tw flag icon2504Goldsun Building Materials CoTWD29.36bn13.597.21%