Top Metals & Mining stocks in Taiwan

Miners and processors of Precious Metals & Minerals, steel, aluminum and specialty metals and minerals. It also includes integrated mining, and mining support services & equipment companies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon2002China SteelTWD447.03bn7.5110.69%
tw flag icon2027Ta Chen Stainless Pipe CoTWD75.81bn4.684.5%
tw flag icon2015Feng Hsin Steel CoTWD39.72bn9.77.32%
tw flag icon2006Tung Ho Steel EnterpriseTWD39.65bn7.3311.79%
tw flag icon2014Chung Hung SteelTWD39.05bn11.0510.29%
tw flag icon2023Yieh Phui Enterprise CoTWD30.34bn6.733.12%
tw flag icon2211Evergreen SteelTWD26.57bn25.934.71%
tw flag icon2034YC Inox CoTWD13.18bn9.115.06%
tw flag icon2031Hsin Kuang Steel CoTWD12.62bn910.18%
tw flag icon1532China Metal Products CoTWD11.13bn8.077.13%
tw flag icon2010Chun Yuan Steel Industry CoTWD10.72bn10.967.85%
tw flag icon2009First Copper Technology CoTWD10.00bn30.843.6%
tw flag icon2028Wei Chih Steel Industrial CoTWD8.84bn5.359.21%
tw flag icon2029Sheng Yu Steel CoTWD8.13bn6.5610.08%
tw flag icon9927Thye Ming Industrial CoTWD7.11bn8.6310.59%
tw flag icon2030Froch Enterprise CoTWD7.10bn4.77.91%
tw flag icon6235Waffer TechnologyTWD6.61bn30.830.77%
tw flag icon2007Yieh Hsing Enterprise CoTWD6.37bnn/an/a
tw flag icon1589Yeong Guan Energy Technology CoTWD6.23bnn/a1.07%
tw flag icon2020Mayer Steel PipeTWD5.40bn8.4912.37%