Top Metals & Mining stocks in Korea, Republic of

Miners and processors of Precious Metals & Minerals, steel, aluminum and specialty metals and minerals. It also includes integrated mining, and mining support services & equipment companies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon005490Posco HoldingsKR₩36tn22.252%
kr flag icon010130Korea ZincKR₩10tn16.336.04%
kr flag icon004020HYUNDAI STEEL COKR₩5tn11.442.86%
kr flag icon006110Sama Aluminium CoKR₩2tn220.60.2%
kr flag icon002710TCC SteelKR₩1tnn/a0.22%
kr flag icon103140PoongsanKR₩1tn6.112.72%
kr flag icon009520Posco M-Tech CoKR₩981bn303.90.16%
kr flag icon001430SeAh Besteel HoldingsKR₩911bn8.54.72%
kr flag icon016380KG DongbuSteel CoKR₩862bn1.931.74%
kr flag icon003030Seah Steel HoldingsKR₩774bn2.331.17%
kr flag icon460860Dongkuk Steel Mill CoKR₩549bnn/an/a
kr flag icon002240Kiswire CoKR₩477bn16.991.44%
kr flag icon058650SeAH HoldingsKR₩417bn3.993.73%
kr flag icon306200Seah SteelKR₩365bn2.184.6%
kr flag icon005810Poongsan HoldingsKR₩349bn6.063.57%
kr flag icon058430Posco Steeleon CoKR₩307bn44.321.71%
kr flag icon001940KISCO HoldingsKR₩303bn3.162.74%
kr flag icon001780Aluko CoKR₩295bn16.22n/a
kr flag icon008350Namsun Aluminium CoKR₩294bn57.7n/a
kr flag icon005010Husteel CoKR₩282bn0.996.99%