Top Consumer Cyclicals stocks in Korea, Republic of

Manufacturers of automobiles, household goods, textiles and other products, as well as homebuilders and retailers, and providers of consumer services, such as hotel, entertainment and media services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon005380Hyundai Motor CoKR₩52tn5.593.54%
kr flag icon000270KiaKR₩33tn5.114.15%
kr flag icon012330Hyundai Mobis CoKR₩20tn7.11.81%
kr flag icon352820Hybe CoKR₩12tn117.48n/a
kr flag icon018880Hanon SystemsKR₩5tn68.073.9%
kr flag icon383220F&F CoKR₩5tn10.511.25%
kr flag icon161390Hankook Tire & Technology CoKR₩4tn6.522.29%
kr flag icon035900JYP EntertainmentKR₩4tn45.680.29%
kr flag icon035250Kangwon LandKR₩4tn16.481.93%
kr flag icon021240Coway CoKR₩3tn7.142.71%
kr flag icon011780Kumho Petro Chemical CoKR₩3tn4.364.26%
kr flag icon041510SM Entertainment CoKR₩2tn31.741.18%
kr flag icon023530Lotte Shopping CoKR₩2tn12.414.09%
kr flag icon204320HL MandoKR₩2tn20.381.06%
kr flag icon081660Fila HoldingsKR₩2tn6.664.36%
kr flag icon004990LotteKR₩2tn12.885.32%
kr flag icon111770YoungoneKR₩2tn2.83.4%
kr flag icon298050Hyosung Advanced MaterialsKR₩2tn16.353.4%
kr flag icon253450Studio DragonKR₩2tn36.65n/a
kr flag icon004170ShinsegaeKR₩2tn5.131.91%