Top Homebuilding & Construction Supplies stocks in Korea, Republic of

Builders of residential homes, mobile homes and prefabricated homes, and manufacturers of value-added building products and home improvement components.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon025900Dongwha Enterprise CoKR₩1tn32.13n/a
kr flag icon344820KCC GlassKR₩631bn5.66.07%
kr flag icon014620Sung Kwang Bend CoKR₩383bn31.830.73%
kr flag icon108670LX HausysKR₩299bnn/a0.9%
kr flag icon013120Dongwon Development CoKR₩289bn4.264.71%
kr flag icon171120Lion Chemtech CoKR₩143bn13.132.5%
kr flag icon109610SY CoKR₩135bn13.4n/a
kr flag icon007210ByuksanKR₩110bn26.840.52%
kr flag icon073640Tera Science CoKR₩103bn149.9n/a
kr flag icon007680Daewon CoKR₩95bn3.494.23%
kr flag icon043910Nature And Environment CoKR₩88bnn/an/a
kr flag icon058730Development Advance Solution CoKR₩86bn15.91n/a
kr flag icon105740DK-LokKR₩77bn8.532.2%
kr flag icon307180Il Science CoKR₩76bnn/an/a
kr flag icon022220TKG Aikang CoKR₩73bn14.02n/a
kr flag icon222420Cenotec CoKR₩67bn33.99n/a
kr flag icon005750DAELIM B&Co COKR₩62bn83.673.49%
kr flag icon147830Cheryong Industrial CoKR₩54bn7.93.68%
kr flag icon006570Daelim Trading CoKR₩49bn11.88n/a
kr flag icon006050Kuk Young G MKR₩41bnn/an/a