Top Homebuilding & Construction Supplies stocks in Japan

Builders of residential homes, mobile homes and prefabricated homes, and manufacturers of value-added building products and home improvement components.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon1925Daiwa House Industry Co¥3tn7.953.15%
jp flag icon1928Sekisui House¥2tn12.333.82%
jp flag icon5201AGC¥1tn23.443.89%
jp flag icon4204Sekisui Chemical Co¥941bn11.352.67%
jp flag icon1911Sumitomo Forestry Co¥834bn7.533.07%
jp flag icon5332TOTO¥662bn21.472.56%
jp flag icon1808Haseko¥537bn8.724.07%
jp flag icon5938Lixil¥527bn36.64.9%
jp flag icon5929Sanwa Holdings¥455bn10.792.81%
jp flag icon7981Takara Standard Co¥134bn15.862.74%
jp flag icon3110Nitto Boseki Co¥122bn50.611.35%
jp flag icon7943Nichiha¥112bn13.443.15%
jp flag icon9663Nagawa Co¥109bn35.130.86%
jp flag icon1766Token¥108bn17.993.12%
jp flag icon1419Tama Home Co¥105bn11.854.97%
jp flag icon8074Yuasa Trading Co¥90bn8.333.26%
jp flag icon7905Daiken¥79bn11.263.61%
jp flag icon5202Nippon Sheet Glass Co¥76bnn/an/a
jp flag icon4044Central Glass Co¥76bn33.76%
jp flag icon4212Sekisui Jushi¥76bn14.082.64%