Top Diversified Retail stocks in Japan

Retailers offering diversified product lines through department, discount and online or mail order stores.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon7532Pan Pacific International Holdings¥2tn25.380.52%
jp flag icon3092ZOZO¥1tn28.912.43%
jp flag icon3099Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings¥1tn20.191.04%
jp flag icon3064MonotaRO Co¥994bn43.280.8%
jp flag icon7453Ryohin Keikaku Co¥751bn21.421.41%
jp flag icon3086J.Front Retailing Co¥511bn14.271.83%
jp flag icon8233Takashimaya Co¥465bn12.361.25%
jp flag icon141ATrial Holdings¥338bn20.25n/a
jp flag icon8242H2O Retailing¥312bn12.120.92%
jp flag icon8273Izumi Co¥246bn10.712.58%
jp flag icon2782Seria Co¥245bn23.542.15%
jp flag icon7512Aeon Hokkaido¥126bn16.881.77%
jp flag icon8244Kintetsu Department Store Co¥93bn22.330.43%
jp flag icon2653Aeon Kyushu Co¥93bn10.261.47%
jp flag icon9997Belluna Co¥75bn9.022.63%
jp flag icon8237Matsuya Co¥64bn20.490.83%
jp flag icon3182Oisix Ra Daichi¥50bn14.13n/a
jp flag icon4931Shinnihonseiyaku Co¥37bn12.091.91%
jp flag icon3660Istyle¥35bn40.44n/a
jp flag icon8005Scroll¥35bn9.614.15%