Top Diversified Retail stocks in Japan

Retailers offering diversified product lines through department, discount and online or mail order stores.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon3328Beenos¥30bn90.271.04%
jp flag icon3179Syuppin Co¥26bn11.472.23%
jp flag icon8005Scroll¥25bn4.978.85%
jp flag icon8203Mr Max Holdings¥20bn7.084.38%
jp flag icon8165Senshukai Co¥18bnn/a1.03%
jp flag icon3134Hamee¥14bn7.822.51%
jp flag icon2934J Frontier Co¥11bn25.14n/a
jp flag icon2138Crooz¥11bn10.3n/a
jp flag icon3641Papyless Co¥10bn13.730.92%
jp flag icon2735Watts Co¥9bn13.533.18%
jp flag icon3396Felissimo¥7bn5.131.5%
jp flag icon2342Trans Genic¥5bn10.020.96%
jp flag icon3172Tea Life Co¥5bn8.994.28%
jp flag icon3059Hiraki Co¥5bn13.31.98%
jp flag icon8260Izutsuya Co¥4bn3.231.37%
jp flag icon37264Cs HD Co¥4bnn/an/a
jp flag icon4017Creema¥3bn24.43n/a
jp flag icon2722I K Co¥3bnn/a2.87%
jp flag icon3185Dream Vision Co¥3bnn/an/a
jp flag icon3559P-Ban.Com¥2bn20.021.57%