Top Specialty Retailers stocks in Japan

Retailers operating stores and dealerships focused on a single area. Includes auto part, home improvement, home furnishing, office supply, toy, sporting equipment, book, kitchenware and houseware retailers. Also includes garden centers, car and truck dealerships.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon9983Fast Retailing Co¥12tn35.380.86%
jp flag icon9843Nitori Holdings Co¥2tn19.980.88%
jp flag icon2670ABC-Mart¥709bn17.372.28%
jp flag icon8136Sanrio Co¥655bn39.110.67%
jp flag icon8227Shimamura Co¥527bn12.911.95%
jp flag icon9831Yamada Holdings Co¥293bn102.83%
jp flag icon7564Workman Co¥290bn18.11.92%
jp flag icon3048BIC CAMERA¥274bn30.131.19%
jp flag icon8282K'S Holdings¥246bn21.323.12%
jp flag icon3186Nextage Co¥193bn16.051.32%
jp flag icon3050DCM Holdings Co¥192bn9.352.86%
jp flag icon8218Komeri Co¥167bn11.281.49%
jp flag icon2730Edion¥166bn15.612.85%
jp flag icon2685Adastria Co¥159bn10.842.41%
jp flag icon2726Pal group Co¥155bn11.712.81%
jp flag icon7419Nojima¥154bn6.142.1%
jp flag icon7599IDOM¥138bn11.942.48%
jp flag icon7545Nishimatsuya Chain Co¥131bn15.351.33%
jp flag icon3191Joyful Honda Co¥125bn16.632.25%
jp flag icon9842Arclands¥120bn8.832.07%