Top Media & Publishing stocks in Japan

Providers of advertising, marketing, broadcasting, entertainment production and publishing services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon4324Dentsu¥1tn15.383.7%
jp flag icon9602Toho Co (Tokyo)¥923bn25.551.13%
jp flag icon6460Sega Sammy Holdings¥619bn9.672.1%
jp flag icon4816Toei Animation Co¥539bn26.951.18%
jp flag icon2433Hakuhodo DY Holdings¥463bn11.132.53%
jp flag icon9401TBS Holdings¥425bn10.381.63%
jp flag icon9468Kadokawa¥423bn34.220.98%
jp flag icon4751CyberAgent¥406bn45.881.74%
jp flag icon9404Nippon Television Holdings¥398bn10.852.37%
jp flag icon4676Fuji Media Holdings¥353bn9.562.5%
jp flag icon7458Daiichikosho Co¥271bn28.232.25%
jp flag icon9605Toei Co¥241bn14.220.31%
jp flag icon5032Anycolor¥237bn30.97n/a
jp flag icon9412SKY Perfect JSAT Holdings¥212bn12.482.74%
jp flag icon9409TV Asahi Holdings¥176bn9.972.3%
jp flag icon5253COVER¥152bn48.15n/a
jp flag icon9601Shochiku Co¥147bn990.28%
jp flag icon4326Intage Holdings¥84bn23.541.9%
jp flag icon9413TV TOKYO Holdings¥83bn12.842.29%
jp flag icon4293Septeni Holdings Co¥78bn21.71.22%