Top Media & Publishing stocks in United Kingdom

Providers of advertising, marketing, broadcasting, entertainment production and publishing services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
gb flag iconWPPWPP£9.27bn10.114.57%
gb flag iconPSONPearson£5.87bn16.132.62%
gb flag iconITVITV£2.83bn5.667.13%
gb flag iconFOUR4imprint£1.41bn22.142.54%
gb flag iconYOUYouGov£1.27bn42.820.6%
gb flag iconFUTRFuture£870.79m6.510.47%
gb flag iconNFGNext 15£768.08m34.931.89%
gb flag iconSFORS4 Capital£723.40m46.7n/a
gb flag iconTRMRTremor International£415.38m21.18n/a
gb flag iconBMYBloomsbury Publishing£371.32m18.542.58%
gb flag iconFRANFranchise Brands£353.66m32.231.1%
gb flag iconWILWilmington£238.04m15.873.15%
gb flag iconRCHReach£236.23m2.799.87%
gb flag iconSAAM&C Saatchi£210.89m11.75n/a
gb flag iconPEBBPebble£156.57m20.630.64%
gb flag iconSNWSSmiths News£122.52m5.017.98%
gb flag iconSTVGSTV£114.94m6.464.59%
gb flag iconQRTQuarto£80.96m6.5n/a
gb flag iconCAUCentaur Media£70.49m24.912.29%
gb flag iconEBQEbiquity£66.06m8.55n/a