Top Energy stocks in Japan

Explorers, refiners, marketers and distributors of fossil fuels, uranium and renewable energy, manufacturers of energy-related equipment and providers of supporting services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon1605INPEX¥3tn5.333.31%
jp flag icon5020ENEOS Holdings¥2tn15.023.75%
jp flag icon5019Idemitsu Kosan Co¥1tn8.133.44%
jp flag icon5021Cosmo Energy Holdings Co¥492bn39.064.01%
jp flag icon8088Iwatani¥411bn11.831.33%
jp flag icon1662Japan Petroleum Exploration Co¥310bn4.856.03%
jp flag icon8133Itochu Enex Co¥177bn15.073.32%
jp flag icon6269Modec¥129bn12.33n/a
jp flag icon3167Tokai Holdings¥124bn123.36%
jp flag icon8097San-Ai Obbli Co¥107bn8.894.03%
jp flag icon8131Mitsuuroko group Co¥78bn6.732.68%
jp flag icon3856Abalance¥63bn8.890.22%
jp flag icon1663K&O Energy¥58bn9.471.56%
jp flag icon8037Kamei¥58bn5.882.45%
jp flag icon2734Sala¥46bn10.173.62%
jp flag icon8132Sinanen Holdings Co¥44bnn/a1.85%
jp flag icon1514Sumiseki Holdings¥41bn6.170.94%
jp flag icon1518Mitsui Matsushima Holdings Co¥36bn1.32.82%
jp flag icon3315Nippon Coke & Engineering Co¥35bn9.42n/a
jp flag icon5017Fuji Oil Co¥28bn44.042.73%