Top Textiles & Apparel stocks in Japan

Manufacturers of fabrics, leather and other textiles, apparel, accessories and footwear.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon8111Goldwin¥395bn17.661.31%
jp flag icon7762Citizen Watch Co¥265bn11.133.59%
jp flag icon8114Descente¥242bn24.521.25%
jp flag icon3401Teijin¥241bnn/a2.19%
jp flag icon3591Wacoal Holdings¥207bnn/a2.42%
jp flag icon8050Seiko¥135bn15.092.26%
jp flag icon3002Gunze¥95bn15.12.6%
jp flag icon3201Japan Wool Textile Co¥94bn11.232.38%
jp flag icon8016Onward Holdings Co¥72bn8.12.27%
jp flag icon3106Kurabo Industries¥59bn9.122.33%
jp flag icon3302Teikoku Sen-I Co¥56bn22.742.32%
jp flag icon3608TSI Holdings Co¥56bn17.131.41%
jp flag icon3104Fujibo Holdings¥51bn23.762.44%
jp flag icon8008Yondoshi Holdings¥42bn19.164.22%
jp flag icon9837Morito Co¥38bn15.693.89%
jp flag icon3597Jichodo Co¥34bn11.794.28%
jp flag icon7937Tsutsumi Jewelry Co¥33bn31.622.38%
jp flag icon8011Sanyo Shokai¥33bn9.941.97%
jp flag icon3580Komatsu Matere Co¥32bn17.952.54%
jp flag icon8018Sankyo Seiko Co¥30bn14.893.27%