Top Specialty Retailers stocks in Poland

Retailers operating stores and dealerships focused on a single area. Includes auto part, home improvement, home furnishing, office supply, toy, sporting equipment, book, kitchenware and houseware retailers. Also includes garden centers, car and truck dealerships.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
pl flag iconLPPLPP SAPLN24.12bn22.341.65%
pl flag iconCCCCCC SAPLN2.69bnn/an/a
pl flag SAPLN590.79m15.224.67%
pl flag iconOEXOex SAPLN318.83m21.098.58%
pl flag iconMONMonnari Trade SAPLN148.45m2.74n/a
pl flag iconETLEurotel SAPLN143.56m5.7228.59%
pl flag iconSFDSFD SAPLN117.16m10.962.63%
pl flag iconWOJWojas SAPLN98.37m5.17n/a
pl flag iconIPOIntersport Polska SAPLN92.92mn/an/a
pl flag iconMNSMennica Skarbowa SAPLN48.88m26.17n/a
pl flag iconKOMKomputronik SAPLN48.09m0.34n/a
pl flag iconPITPolaris IT SAPLN40.45mn/an/a
pl flag iconINTInternity SAPLN38.61mn/an/a
pl flag iconIBSWise Finance SAPLN28.70m1.52n/a
pl flag iconEKSe-Kiosk SAPLN20.98mn/an/a
pl flag iconAGPAgromep SAPLN11.65m20.69n/a
pl flag iconP24Present24 SAPLN8.34m26.28n/a
pl flag iconBAHBritish Automotive Holding SAPLN4.48mn/an/a
pl flag iconPCGPC Guard SAPLN1.89mn/an/a
pl flag iconPMAPrima Moda SAn/an/an/a