Top Basic Materials stocks in Poland

Manufacturers, extractors and refiners of chemicals, minerals, precious metals, steel, aluminum, forest products, and construction and other raw materials.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
pl flag iconKGHKGHM Polska Miedz SAPLN22.27bn57.250.9%
pl flag iconKTYGrupa Kety SAPLN6.82bn12.36.01%
pl flag iconATTGrupa Azoty SAPLN2.20bnn/an/a
pl flag iconPCRPCC Rokita SAPLN1.88bn4.2222.75%
pl flag iconGEAGrenevia SAPLN1.81bn7.03n/a
pl flag iconATCArctic Paper SAPLN1.58bn5.8311.82%
pl flag iconCOGCognor Holding SAPLN1.49bn6.1914.02%
pl flag iconPCEGrupa Azoty Zaklady Chemiczne Police SAPLN1.47bnn/an/a
pl flag iconBRSBoryszew SAPLN1.25bn14.6111.97%
pl flag iconSTPStalprodukt SAPLN1.19bn5.556.8%
pl flag iconZAPGrupa Azoty Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy SAPLN1.14bnn/an/a
pl flag iconSKAFabryka Farb i Lakierow Sniezka SAPLN1.03bn11n/a
pl flag iconSELSelena FM SAPLN809.30m11.053.74%
pl flag iconULMUlma Construccion Polska SAPLN391.54m41.06n/a
pl flag iconXTPXTPL SAPLN285.72mn/an/a
pl flag iconMFOMFO SAPLN252.41mn/an/a
pl flag iconFERFerrum SAPLN225.85m79.16n/a
pl flag iconODLOdlewnie Polskie SAPLN198.08m5.45.08%
pl flag iconRPCZaklady Magnezytowe Ropczyce SAPLN156.95m6.034.87%
pl flag iconSTFStalprofil SAPLN149.45m8.65n/a