Top Basic Materials stocks in Hong Kong

Manufacturers, extractors and refiners of chemicals, minerals, precious metals, steel, aluminum, forest products, and construction and other raw materials.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
hk flag icon1378China HongqiaoHK$82.09bn4.1711.3%
hk flag icon3323China National Building Material CoHK$70.68bn3.219.27%
hk flag icon1313China Resources Cement HoldingsHK$36.80bn5.19.87%
hk flag icon2689Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings)HK$31.16bn4.51.34%
hk flag icon631Sany Heavy Equipment International HoldingsHK$26.37bn23.481.72%
hk flag icon1208MMGHK$25.23bn4.72n/a
hk flag icon1818Zhaojin Mining Industry CoHK$22.43bn60.35n/a
hk flag icon189DongyueHK$22.13bn8.33.3%
hk flag icon336Huabao International HoldingsHK$19.51bn18.131.33%
hk flag icon639Shougang Fushan ResourcesHK$16.47bn6.4812.27%
hk flag icon1252China Tianrui Cement CoHK$16.25bn11.53n/a
hk flag icon1907China RisunHK$15.00bn4.666.33%
hk flag icon2314Lee & Man Paper ManufacturingHK$14.55bn4.627.72%
hk flag icon990Theme International HoldingsHK$14.28bn13.83n/a
hk flag icon1258China Nonferrous MiningHK$13.54bn4.648.34%
hk flag icon2362Jinchuan International Resources CoHK$12.98bn25.10.2%
hk flag icon3983China BlueChemicalHK$10.42bn6.677.67%
hk flag icon819Tianneng Power InternationalHK$9.56bn6.244.5%
hk flag icon691China Shanshui CementHK$8.88bn2.6614.7%
hk flag icon297Sinofert HoldingsHK$8.08bn7.46n/a