Top Construction Materials stocks in Hong Kong

Miners and producers of raw materials for road and building construction. Includes extractors of sand, gravel, rock, clay, granite, limestone, marble, slate, gypsum, lime, and producers of cement, concrete, and bricks, as well as operators of filtering, bleaching, crushing, cutting, sizing and processing services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
hk flag icon3323China National Building Material CoHK$53.39bn3.1711.54%
hk flag icon1313China Resources Cement HoldingsHK$26.67bn4.4910.47%
hk flag icon1252China Tianrui Cement CoHK$19.51bn19.52n/a
hk flag icon691China Shanshui CementHK$7.75bn3.2415.84%
hk flag icon743Asia Cement (China) HoldingsHK$5.52bn4.9713.44%
hk flag icon2233West China CementHK$4.89bn3.719.97%
hk flag icon2163Changsha Broad Homes Industrial CoHK$3.74bnn/an/a
hk flag icon2060Pujiang InternationalHK$2.30bn10.65n/a
hk flag icon695Dongwu Cement InternationalHK$2.22bn43.451.61%
hk flag icon2187Zhixin HoldingHK$1.50bn121.87n/a
hk flag icon726DITHK$1.40bn8.142.22%
hk flag icon2327Meilleure Health International IndustryHK$1.31bn59.04n/a
hk flag icon8349Yunhong Guixin groupHK$608.00mn/an/a
hk flag icon366Luks (Vietnam Holdings)HK$567.89m7.094.42%
hk flag icon1118Golik HoldingsHK$505.45m7.525.68%
hk flag icon1323Huasheng International HoldingHK$449.20m13.86n/a
hk flag icon1847YCIH Green High-Performance Concrete CoHK$379.33m20.07n/a
hk flag icon1592Anchorstone HoldingsHK$238.33mn/an/a
hk flag icon2212Future Bright Mining HoldingsHK$228.21mn/an/a
hk flag icon6182Twintek Investment HoldingsHK$167.20m12.175.98%