Top Construction Materials stocks in Japan

Miners and producers of raw materials for road and building construction. Includes extractors of sand, gravel, rock, clay, granite, limestone, marble, slate, gypsum, lime, and producers of cement, concrete, and bricks, as well as operators of filtering, bleaching, crushing, cutting, sizing and processing services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon5233Taiheiyo Cement¥463bn10.71.69%
jp flag icon8066Mitani¥146bn7.673.32%
jp flag icon5232Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co¥143bn8.742.87%
jp flag icon7821Maeda Kosen Co¥113bn15.491.02%
jp flag icon5273Mitani Sekisan Co¥101bn10.871.83%
jp flag icon5352Krosaki Harima¥89bn6.963.79%
jp flag icon5351Shinagawa Refractories Co¥84bn7.473.69%
jp flag icon5290Vertex¥49bn13.761.94%
jp flag icon5288Asia Pile Holdings¥37bn8.934.12%
jp flag icon7463Advan Co¥34bn8.194.24%
jp flag icon5357Yotai Refractories Co¥32bn8.744.71%
jp flag icon9896JK Holdings Co¥31bn6.13.69%
jp flag icon5262Nippon Hume¥29bn15.552.04%
jp flag icon5269Nippon Concrete Industries Co¥20bn33.573.48%
jp flag icon5363TYK¥19bn7.893.73%
jp flag icon5337Danto Holdings¥18bnn/an/a
jp flag icon8007Takashima & Co¥17bn7.924.52%
jp flag icon5388Kunimine Industries Co¥14bn12.583.61%
jp flag icon5922Nasu Denki Tekko Co¥13bn6.922.45%
jp flag icon8104Kuwazawa Holdings¥12bn13.671.86%