Top Containers & Packaging stocks in Japan

Manufacturers of containers, as well as providers of packaging services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon5901Toyo Seikan group¥454bn51.923.56%
jp flag icon3941Rengo Co¥246bn9.372.41%
jp flag icon7947FP¥199bn16.21.94%
jp flag icon7864Fuji Seal International¥96bn11.962%
jp flag icon7917Fujimori Kogyo Co¥71bn15.92.24%
jp flag icon3950Pack¥60bn12.072.23%
jp flag icon3946Tomoku Co¥39bn6.972.54%
jp flag icon7504Kohsoku¥39bn13.032.29%
jp flag icon4221Okura Industrial Co¥31bn8.493.3%
jp flag icon7482Shimojima Co¥26bn11.671.98%
jp flag icon4994Taisei Lamick Co¥19bn13.322.36%
jp flag icon3951Asahi Printing Co¥19bn10.023.98%
jp flag icon5210Nihon Yamamura Glass Co¥18bn29.34n/a
jp flag icon3947Dynapac Co¥15bn7.223.29%
jp flag icon7811Nakamoto Packs Co¥13bn11.043.76%
jp flag icon5204Ishizuka Glass Co¥11bn7.451.36%
jp flag icon4248Takemoto Yohki Co¥10bn69.774.47%
jp flag icon3943Ohishi Sangyo Co¥8bn8.193.06%
jp flag icon3954Showa Paxxs¥8bn8.692.22%
jp flag icon3952Chuoh Pack Industry Co¥7bn14.554.45%