Top Metals & Mining stocks in Japan

Miners and processors of Precious Metals & Minerals, steel, aluminum and specialty metals and minerals. It also includes integrated mining, and mining support services & equipment companies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon5401Nippon Steel¥3tn5.114.76%
jp flag icon5411JFE Holdings¥1tn7.363.59%
jp flag icon5713Sumitomo Metal Mining Co¥1tn15.243.34%
jp flag icon5406Kobe Steel¥695bn6.343.98%
jp flag icon5444Yamato Kogyo Co¥485bn7.453.94%
jp flag icon5711Mitsubishi Materials¥328bn10.442.87%
jp flag icon9810Nippon Steel Trading¥300bn8.681.83%
jp flag icon5714DOWA Holdings Co¥312bn13.882%
jp flag icon5463Maruichi Steel Tube¥306bn12.683.24%
jp flag icon5471Daido Steel Co¥293bn9.523.34%
jp flag icon5706Mitsui Mining and Smelting Co¥258bnn/a4.65%
jp flag icon5423Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co¥201bn7.132.48%
jp flag icon8078Hanwa Co¥183bn6.523.67%
jp flag icon5741UACJ¥162bnn/a3.86%
jp flag icon5481Sanyo Special Steel Co¥141bn73.1%
jp flag icon5727Toho Titanium Co¥136bn24.511.31%
jp flag icon7485Okaya & Co¥114bn4.952.1%
jp flag icon5451Yodogawa Steel Works¥110bn11.413.31%
jp flag icon5726Osaka Titanium Technologies Co¥109bn16.361.52%
jp flag icon5703Nippon Light Metal Holdings Co¥106bn17.171.17%