Top Chemicals stocks in Japan

Producers and refiners of agricultural, commodity and specialty chemicals.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon4063Shin-Etsu Chemical Co¥10tn16.912.02%
jp flag icon4612Nippon Paint Holdings Co¥3tn23.181.1%
jp flag icon4091Nippon Sanso Holdings¥2tn19.591.02%
jp flag icon6988Nitto Denko¥2tn17.182.36%
jp flag icon3407Asahi Kasei¥1tn24.433.53%
jp flag icon4188Mitsubishi Chemical¥1tn9.143.2%
jp flag icon3402Toray Industries¥1tn28.932.34%
jp flag icon4185JSR¥842bnn/a0.86%
jp flag icon4183Mitsui Chemicals¥807bn14.343.06%
jp flag icon4021Nissan Chemical¥743bn19.573.08%
jp flag icon4042Tosoh¥621bn14.764.1%
jp flag icon4005Sumitomo Chemical Co¥611bnn/a3.21%
jp flag icon4403NOF¥538bn16.951.66%
jp flag icon4613Kansai Paint Co¥514bn9.241.45%
jp flag icon3405Kuraray Co¥507bn10.093.17%
jp flag icon4004Resonac Holdings¥497bnn/a2.37%
jp flag icon4182Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co¥475bn13.053.44%
jp flag icon4088Air Water¥442bn10.662.99%
jp flag icon4202Daicel¥404bn8.243.18%
jp flag icon4186Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co¥366bn26.31.81%