Top Chemicals stocks in Asia

Producers and refiners of agricultural, commodity and specialty chemicals.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
in flag icon543547Ddev Plastiks IndustriesIN₹6.86tn12.52n/a
jp flag icon4063Shin-Etsu Chemical Co¥6tn10.432.7%
in flag iconASIANPAINTAsian PaintsIN₹3.30tn92.680.56%
kr flag icon051910LG ChemKR₩45tn18.952.1%
in flag iconPIDILITINDPidilite IndustriesIN₹1.42tn106.250.36%
tw flag icon1301Formosa PlasticsTWD547.45bn7.419.53%
tw flag icon1303Nan Ya PlasticsTWD525.02bn7.5511.33%
jp flag icon4612Nippon Paint Holdings Co¥2tn40.660.99%
tw flag icon1326Formosa Chemicals & FibreTWD396.56bn15.557.08%
jp flag icon3407Asahi Kasei¥1tn6.93.52%
in flag iconSRFSRFIN₹745.26bn35.450.33%
jp flag icon6988Nitto Denko¥1tn11.52.76%
in flag iconBERGEPAINTBerger Paints IndiaIN₹608.79bn64.470.49%
jp flag icon4091Nippon Sanso Holdings¥994bn15.221.48%
jp flag icon4188Mitsubishi Chemical¥963bn6.544.43%
jp flag icon4021Nissan Chemical¥903bn19.661.89%
in flag iconUPLUPLIN₹510.34bn12.471.47%
jp flag icon4005Sumitomo Chemical Co¥841bn4.054.67%
in flag iconPIINDPI IndustriesIN₹456.45bn49.690.2%
tw flag icon1402Far Eastern New CenturyTWD171.80bn17.824.67%