Top Containers & Packaging stocks in Asia

Manufacturers of containers, as well as providers of packaging services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon5901Toyo Seikan group¥414bn31.233.87%
hk flag icon2689Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings)HK$17.88bnn/an/a
jp flag icon3941Rengo Co¥232bn7.812.57%
jp flag icon7947FP¥229bn18.051.68%
hk flag icon2314Lee & Man Paper ManufacturingHK$9.31bn13.362.69%
tw flag icon9939Taiwan Hon Chuan Enterprise CoTWD34.68bn14.793.98%
tw flag icon1904Cheng LoongTWD33.03bn42.593.69%
hk flag icon906CPMC HoldingsHK$7.21bn14.533.72%
tw flag icon9907Ton Yi IndustrialTWD25.42bn27.589.19%
in flag iconEPLEPLIN₹62.50bn24.772.19%
kr flag icon014820Dongwon SystemsKR₩965bn13.451.8%
in flag iconAGIAGI GreenpacIN₹61.42bn22.860.53%
in flag iconJAICORPLTDJaiIN₹56.85bn291.160.16%
kr flag icon008730Youlchon Chemical CoKR₩859bnn/a0.72%
tw flag icon1909Longchen Paper & Packaging CoTWD19.95bnn/a1.66%
jp flag icon7864Fuji Seal International¥93bn10.042.06%
jp flag icon7917Fujimori Kogyo Co¥73bn15.152.16%
in flag iconTIMETECHNOTime TechnoplastIN₹40.55bn16.170.7%
hk flag icon2002China Sunshine Paper Holdings CoHK$3.29bn6.65n/a
jp flag icon3950Pack¥61bn11.712.2%