Top Chemicals stocks in Taiwan

Producers and refiners of agricultural, commodity and specialty chemicals.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon1301Formosa PlasticsTWD551.27bn7.469.47%
tw flag icon1303Nan Ya PlasticsTWD530.57bn7.6311.21%
tw flag icon1326Formosa Chemicals & FibreTWD404.17bn15.846.95%
tw flag icon1402Far Eastern New CenturyTWD173.14bn17.964.64%
tw flag icon1722Taiwan Fertilizer CoTWD54.00bn17.545.08%
tw flag icon1717Eternal Materials CoTWD37.58bn10.984.95%
tw flag icon1314China Petrochemical DevelopmentTWD35.99bn25.254.21%
tw flag icon1773Shiny Chemical Industrial CoTWD28.50bn17.152.11%
tw flag icon4770Allied SupremeTWD26.27bn18.372.41%
tw flag icon1723China Steel ChemicalTWD24.72bn16.773.76%
tw flag icon1304USITWD22.04bn6.2810.71%
tw flag icon2104International CSRC Investment Holdings CoTWD18.82bn6.841.03%
tw flag icon1308Asia PolymerTWD16.83bn7.2810.58%
tw flag icon4766Nan Pao Resins Chemical CoTWD16.82bn12.884.3%
tw flag icon1712SinonTWD16.27bn12.534.65%
tw flag icon1313UPC TechnologyTWD16.07bnn/a8.16%
tw flag icon1312Grand Pacific PetrochemicalTWD15.87bn5.9211.43%
tw flag icon1710Oriental Union ChemicalTWD15.21bn503.044.03%
tw flag icon4755San Fu Chemical CoTWD12.08bn11.394.17%
tw flag icon1305China General PlasticsTWD11.91bn8.212.2%