Top Construction Materials stocks in Taiwan

Miners and producers of raw materials for road and building construction. Includes extractors of sand, gravel, rock, clay, granite, limestone, marble, slate, gypsum, lime, and producers of cement, concrete, and bricks, as well as operators of filtering, bleaching, crushing, cutting, sizing and processing services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon1101Taiwan CementTWD259.07bn28.61.45%
tw flag icon1102Asia CementTWD147.36bn13.565.53%
tw flag icon2504Goldsun Building Materials CoTWD32.16bn10.647.34%
tw flag icon1104Universal CementTWD19.12bn10.044.98%
tw flag icon9930CHC ResourcesTWD14.19bn18.614.38%
tw flag icon1103Chia Hsin CementTWD12.72bn64.141.49%
tw flag icon1110Southeast Cement CoTWD10.83bn57.020.53%
tw flag icon1109Hsing Ta Cement CoTWD6.19bn10.624.41%
tw flag icon1108Lucky Cement CoTWD6.07bn8.195.33%
tw flag icon8463Ruentex Materials CoTWD3.56bn29.920.97%
tw flag icon5546YongguTWD2.83bnn/a4.37%