Top Construction Materials stocks in United Kingdom

Miners and producers of raw materials for road and building construction. Includes extractors of sand, gravel, rock, clay, granite, limestone, marble, slate, gypsum, lime, and producers of cement, concrete, and bricks, as well as operators of filtering, bleaching, crushing, cutting, sizing and processing services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
gb flag iconCRHCRH£21.33bn10.623.61%
gb flag iconMSLHMarshalls£1.13bn16.173.19%
gb flag iconBREEBreedon£997.60m12.182.72%
gb flag iconRHIMRHI Magnesita NV£866.19m3.276.95%
gb flag iconIBSTIbstock£655.35m23.314.64%
gb flag iconFORTForterra£555.73m14.943.92%
gb flag iconSRCSigmaroc£330.61m17.2n/a
gb flag iconBRCKBrickability£226.89m16.162.69%
gb flag iconMBHMichelmersh Brick Holdings£87.74m14.583.99%
gb flag iconSTCMSteppe Cement£76.65m5.36n/a
gb flag iconCMETCapital Metals£9.27mn/an/a
gb flag iconFOXFox Marble Holdingsn/an/an/a