Top Basic Materials stocks in Romania

Manufacturers, extractors and refiners of chemicals, minerals, precious metals, steel, aluminum, forest products, and construction and other raw materials.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
ro flag iconCRCChimcomplex SA BorzestiRON5.37bn20.173.62%
ro flag iconALRAlro SARON1.08bn2.51n/a
ro flag iconBKSBrikston Construction Solutions SARON801.12m829.19n/a
ro flag iconCEONCemacon SARON388.15m8.37n/a
ro flag iconPPLPromateris SARON281.24mn/an/a
ro flag iconVNCVrancart SARON187.73m15.18n/a
ro flag iconBBGAAlum SARON178.95mn/an/a
ro flag iconPREHPrefab SARON140.75m18.863.45%
ro flag iconPREBPrebet Aiud SARON109.33m11.98n/a
ro flag iconROCERomcarbon SARON101.69m2.3312.99%
ro flag iconNRFNorofert SARON68.25m7.261.76%
ro flag iconMACOMacofil SARON58.54m2.916.17%
ro flag iconSIDGArcelorMittal Hunedoara SARON47.66mn/an/a
ro flag iconCMCMCOMCM SARON38.76m1.49n/a
ro flag iconSOMRSometra SARON22.65mn/an/a
ro flag iconSTZSinteza SARON20.36mn/an/a
ro flag iconPTRCPetrocart SARON1.28mn/an/a
ro flag iconBADEBaza de aprovizionare si desfacere SAn/an/an/a
ro flag iconINSIIndustria Sarmei Campia Turzii SAn/an/an/a
ro flag iconSTOZSticloval SAn/an/an/a