Top Healthcare stocks in Korea, Republic of

Manufacturers, developers and marketers of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies, as well as advanced therapeutic treatments and devices, and providers of healthcare facilities and medical research and development.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon207940Samsung Biologics CoKR₩51tn54.2n/a
kr flag icon068270CelltrionKR₩23tn37.80.22%
kr flag icon091990Celltrion Healthcare CoKR₩12tn378.60.17%
kr flag icon326030SK Biopharmaceuticals CoKR₩7tnn/an/a
kr flag icon302440SK Bioscience CoKR₩5tn113.66n/a
kr flag icon000100YuhanKR₩4tn44.680.62%
kr flag icon196170AlteogenKR₩4tn719.26n/a
kr flag icon028300HLBKR₩4tnn/an/a
kr flag icon950160Kolon TissueGeneKR₩4tnn/an/a
kr flag icon128940Hanmi Pharm CoKR₩4tn29.190.16%
kr flag icon068760Celltrion PharmKR₩3tn119.84n/a
kr flag icon328130LunitKR₩3tnn/an/a
kr flag icon048260OsstemImplant CoKR₩3tn16.74n/a
kr flag icon214150KTB Special Purpose Acquisition 2 CoKR₩3tn40.810.28%
kr flag icon008930Hanmi Science CoKR₩2tn24.990.55%
kr flag icon009420Hanall Biopharma CoKR₩2tn295.09n/a
kr flag icon145020HugelKR₩2tn20.6n/a
kr flag icon000250Sam Chun Dang Pharm CoKR₩2tnn/an/a
kr flag icon185750Chong Kun Dang PharmaceuticalKR₩1tn10.770.77%
kr flag icon086900Medy ToxKR₩1tn147.020.5%