Top Healthcare Equipment & Supplies stocks in Korea, Republic of

Manufacturers of advanced medical equipment, medical technology providers and basic medical supplies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon137310SD BiosensorKR₩4tn3.343.33%
kr flag icon048260OsstemImplant CoKR₩1tn47.190.28%
kr flag icon214150KTB Special Purpose Acquisition 2 CoKR₩985bn20.920.43%
kr flag icon145720Dentium CoKR₩854bn10.150.25%
kr flag icon205470Humasis CoKR₩641bn2.131.07%
kr flag icon290650L&C Bio CoKR₩624bn46.940.18%
kr flag icon294090EOFlow CoKR₩614bnn/an/a
kr flag icon950130Access BioKR₩610bn1.73n/a
kr flag icon287410Jeisys MedicalKR₩546bn20.44n/a
kr flag icon085370LutronicKR₩535bn18.030.92%
kr flag icon043150Value Added Technology CoKR₩509bn9.380.29%
kr flag icon099190I SensKR₩504bn15.290.81%
kr flag icon328130LunitKR₩419bnn/an/a
kr flag icon246710T&R Biofab CoKR₩415bnn/an/a
kr flag icon100120Vieworks CoKR₩399bn12.361.72%
kr flag icon119610Interojo CoKR₩381bn18.221.5%
kr flag icon039840DioKR₩379bn17.92n/a
kr flag icon179290MITech CoKR₩371bn28.790.68%
kr flag icon048870Synergy Innovation CoKR₩310bn45.51n/a
kr flag icon041830InBody CoKR₩302bn8.890.86%