Top Healthcare Equipment & Supplies stocks in Korea, Republic of

Manufacturers of advanced medical equipment, medical technology providers and basic medical supplies.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon214610MiCo BioMed CoKR₩77bnn/an/a
kr flag icon317690QuantaMatrixKR₩74bnn/an/a
kr flag icon032940Wonik CoKR₩74bn3.4n/a
kr flag icon304840PeoplebioKR₩67bnn/an/a
kr flag icon229000GencurixKR₩66bnn/an/a
kr flag icon405000Plasmapp CoKR₩62bnn/an/a
kr flag icon238120Aligned GeneticsKR₩62bn34.93n/a
kr flag icon335810Precision BiosensorKR₩60bnn/an/a
kr flag icon354200NGeneBio CoKR₩59bnn/an/a
kr flag icon307280Wonbiogen CoKR₩59bn14.790.6%
kr flag icon068330Ilshinbiobase CoKR₩59bn14.140.5%
kr flag icon058110Mek ICS CoKR₩58bnn/a0.81%
kr flag icon419540Bistos CoKR₩51bnn/an/a
kr flag icon363250Genesystem CoKR₩48bnn/an/a
kr flag icon131220Daihan Scientific CoKR₩47bn10.990.96%
kr flag icon115480CU Medical SystemsKR₩40bnn/an/a
kr flag icon303360ProtiaKR₩39bn41.22n/a
kr flag icon043100Solco Biomedical CoKR₩34bnn/an/a
kr flag icon258830Sejong Medical CoKR₩30bnn/an/a
kr flag icon290660Neofect CoKR₩28bnn/an/a