Top Healthcare stocks in Singapore

Manufacturers, developers and marketers of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies, as well as advanced therapeutic treatments and devices, and providers of healthcare facilities and medical research and development.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
sg flag iconH02Haw ParSG$2.49bn22.592.67%
sg flag iconBSLRaffles MedicalSG$2.41bn24.131.38%
sg flag iconA50Thomson MedicalSG$2.12bn112.680.19%
sg flag iconAP4Riverstone HoldingsSG$1.12bn2.5611.18%
sg flag icon5G3TalkMedSG$515.60m19.596.15%
sg flag iconQC7Q & M Dental (Singapore)SG$450.93m16.346.74%
sg flag icon40TISEC HealthcareSG$173.34m22.693.33%
sg flag icon5NGHealthway MedicalSG$149.63m13.87n/a
sg flag icon5OTSingapore MedicalSG$148.35m8.892.13%
sg flag icon5WAOue Lippo HealthcareSG$146.62m46.48n/a
sg flag icon8K7UG HealthcareSG$131.00m1.521.93%
sg flag icon42CIX BiopharmaSG$129.27mn/an/a
sg flag icon546Medtecs InternationalSG$101.63m4.294.55%
sg flag icon569Vicplas InternationalSG$100.68m9.952.28%
sg flag icon1J3Asian Healthcare SpecialistsSG$96.01m17.384.22%
sg flag icon1J5Hyphens Pharma InternationalSG$95.72m13.882.16%
sg flag iconP8ACordlifeSG$88.08m13.822.61%
sg flag icon1D4Aoxin Q & M DentalSG$83.85mn/an/a
sg flag icon1B1Hc Surgical SpecialistsSG$64.02m96.05%
sg flag iconEHGEcon Healthcare (Asia)SG$59.11m116.161.91%