Top Paper & Forest Products stocks in Korea, Republic of

Operators of forests, pulp and paper mills, producers and manufacturers of wood and paper products, and providers of related services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
kr flag icon213500Hansol Paper CoKR₩354bn6.574.03%
kr flag icon009580Moorim P&P CoKR₩276bn12.562.83%
kr flag icon078130Kuk Il Paper MFG CoKR₩259bnn/an/a
kr flag icon002030Asia Holdings CoKR₩186bn1.962.96%
kr flag icon004150Hansol Holdings CoKR₩130bn4.123.88%
kr flag icon000180Sungchang Enterprise HoldingsKR₩119bnn/an/a
kr flag icon004540Kleannara CoKR₩107bn13.33n/a
kr flag icon009200Moorim Paper CoKR₩88bnn/a1.18%
kr flag icon009460Hanchang Paper CoKR₩87bn7.211.37%
kr flag icon025750Hansol HomeDeco CoKR₩83bn58.161.93%
kr flag icon008250Eagon Industrial CoKR₩75bn9.952.86%
kr flag icon039020EAGON HOLDINGS CoKR₩71bn10.082.15%
kr flag icon027970SehaKR₩65bn7.05n/a
kr flag icon001020PaperCoreaKR₩58bn38.03n/a
kr flag icon001810MOORIM SP CoKR₩50bnn/a1.1%
kr flag icon002820Sun&L CoKR₩44bnn/a2.2%
kr flag icon002870Shinpoong Paper MFG CoKR₩35bnn/a4.8%
kr flag icon010420Hansol PNS CoKR₩31bn6.811.63%