Top Hotels & Entertainment Services stocks in Taiwan

Operators of hotels, motels, cruise lines, restaurants, casinos, gaming operations, sports stadiums, golf courses, amusement parks and other recreational services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon2707Formosa International HotelsTWD28.16bn21.744.08%
tw flag icon2727WowprimeTWD19.48bn14.361.34%
tw flag icon2723Gourmet Master CoTWD18.36bn20.442.45%
tw flag icon2704Ambassador HotelTWD17.52bn25.511.05%
tw flag icon2731Lion Travel Service CoTWD12.86bn28.74n/a
tw flag icon9943Holiday Entertainment CoTWD11.60bn10.413.56%
tw flag icon2753Bafang Yunji International CoTWD11.59bn19.264.01%
tw flag icon8462Power Wind Health IndustryTWD9.41bn146.151.31%
tw flag icon2748FDC International HotelsTWD8.81bn27.861.52%
tw flag icon2722Chateau International Development CoTWD7.62bn68.20.83%
tw flag icon2739My Humble House Hospitality Management Consulting CoTWD5.52bn19.61n/a
tw flag icon5706Phoenix Tours InternationalTWD5.49bn51.030.4%
tw flag icon2712FarGlory Hotel CoTWD3.70bn56.50.25%
tw flag icon2705Leofoo Development CoTWD3.42bnn/an/a
tw flag icon2702Holiday Garden Hotel CoTWD3.34bnn/a0.89%
tw flag icon8940New Palace International CoTWD1.93bn19.61n/a
tw flag icon1432TrkTWD1.72bn28.52n/a