Top Hotels & Entertainment Services stocks in India

Operators of hotels, motels, cruise lines, restaurants, casinos, gaming operations, sports stadiums, golf courses, amusement parks and other recreational services.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
in flag iconINDHOTELIndian HotelsIN₹842.17bn66.70.3%
in flag iconJUBLFOODJubilant FoodWorksIN₹380.59bn95.520.21%
in flag iconEIHOTELEIHIN₹262.80bn40.780.29%
in flag iconDEVYANIDevyani InternationalIN₹205.15bn415.93n/a
in flag iconTBOTEKTbo TekIN₹195.05bnn/an/a
in flag iconCHALETChalet HotelsIN₹179.32bn60.77n/a
in flag iconPVRINOXPVR INOXIN₹143.25bnn/an/a
in flag iconWESTLIFEWestlife FoodworldIN₹132.61bn192.17n/a
in flag iconTHOMASCOOKThomas Cook (India)IN₹118.18bn45.60.16%
in flag iconLEMONTREELemon Tree HotelsIN₹116.21bn78.07n/a
in flag iconSAPPHIRESapphire Foods IndiaIN₹99.21bn189.54n/a
in flag iconJUNIPERJuniper HotelsIN₹98.17bn302.19n/a
in flag iconMHRILMahindra Holidays and Resorts IndiaIN₹88.60bn81.27n/a
in flag iconEASEMYTRIPEasy Trip PlannersIN₹72.71bn56.91n/a
in flag iconITDCIndia Tourism DevelopmentIN₹69.87bn98.030.31%
in flag iconIXIGOLe Travenues TechnologyIN₹66.61bn118.7n/a
in flag iconRBARestaurant Brands AsiaIN₹55.97bnn/an/a
in flag iconWONDERLAWonderla HolidaysIN₹51.44bn32.660.27%
in flag iconIMAGICAAImagicaaworld EntertainmentIN₹41.31bn113.25n/a
in flag iconPARKHOTELSApeejay Surrendra Park HotelsIN₹41.25bn50.6n/a