Top Automobiles & Auto Parts stocks in Taiwan

Manufacturers of automobiles, light trucks, motorcycles, as well as related vehicle parts, tires and primary rubber products.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon2105Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. CoTWD138.08bn22.533.29%
tw flag icon2201Yulon Motor CoTWD85.63bnn/a1.16%
tw flag icon2206Sanyang Motor CoTWD58.14bn13.582.45%
tw flag icon2227Yulon Nissan Motor CoTWD55.50bn29.313.9%
tw flag icon2204China MotorTWD52.48bnn/a4.22%
tw flag icon1319Tong Yang Industry CoTWD46.08bn15.593.21%
tw flag icon2101Nankang Rubber TireTWD31.65bnn/an/a
tw flag icon2106Kenda Rubber Industrial CoTWD28.55bnn/a1.52%
tw flag icon2247Pan German Universal MotorsTWD24.54bn14.414.93%
tw flag icon6605Depo Auto Parts Industrial CoTWD21.47bn10.153.86%
tw flag icon2103TSRCTWD19.90bn29.194.48%
tw flag icon2231CUB ElecpartsTWD18.99bn30.061.55%
tw flag icon1536Hota Industrial Mfg. CoTWD18.45bn26.192.42%
tw flag icon2108Nantex Industry CoTWD18.12bn27.325.43%
tw flag icon4551Global PMX CoTWD16.13bn15.964.29%
tw flag icon1522TYC Brother Industrial CoTWD13.48bn15.944.17%
tw flag icon5288Eurocharm Holdings CoTWD11.49bn11.564.07%
tw flag icon9942Nak Sealing TechnologiesTWD11.19bn12.764.16%
tw flag icon2102FederalTWD8.57bnn/an/a
tw flag icon2497E-Lead Electronic CoTWD8.36bn29.751.03%