Top Food & Tobacco stocks in Taiwan

Producers and processors of Food & Tobacco. Includes operators of farms, aquaculture and fisheries.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
tw flag icon1216Uni-President EnterprisesTWD396.60bn20.584.51%
tw flag icon1229Lien Hwa Industrial HoldingsTWD97.01bn29.051.85%
tw flag icon1210Great Wall Enterprise CoTWD45.92bn15.692.76%
tw flag icon1227Standard FoodsTWD34.34bn29.363.41%
tw flag icon1215Charoen Pokphand Enterprise Taiwan CoTWD28.30bn16.13.65%
tw flag icon1232TTET UnionTWD22.88bn23.454.2%
tw flag icon1707Grape King BioTWD22.74bn15.694.5%
tw flag icon1231Lian Hwa FoodsTWD21.53bn25.511.51%
tw flag icon2723Gourmet Master CoTWD19.53bn23.012.3%
tw flag icon2913Taiwan TeaTWD16.83bnn/an/a
tw flag icon1702Namchow Holdings CoTWD12.19bn20.594.07%
tw flag icon1225Formosa Oilseed Processing CoTWD11.77bn142.432.53%
tw flag icon1218Taisun Enterprise CoTWD11.14bn9.642.49%
tw flag icon1203Ve WongTWD9.76bn19.622.68%
tw flag icon1201Wei Chuan FoodsTWD9.36bn31.491.29%
tw flag icon1256Sunjuice Holdings CoTWD9.14bn16.852.41%
tw flag icon1737Taiyen Biotech CoTWD6.64bn16.494.52%
tw flag icon1219Fwusow Industry CoTWD6.61bn53.622.43%
tw flag icon1217AGV ProductsTWD6.11bn17.553.24%
tw flag icon1233Ten Ren Tea CoTWD3.19bn34.612.41%