Top Food & Tobacco stocks in Japan

Producers and processors of Food & Tobacco. Includes operators of farms, aquaculture and fisheries.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon2914Japan Tobacco¥4tn10.86.36%
jp flag icon2802Ajinomoto Co¥2tn25.411.36%
jp flag icon2801Kikkoman¥2tn44.220.67%
jp flag icon2267Yakult Honsha Co¥1tn29.490.86%
jp flag icon2897Nissin Foods Holdings Co¥1tn29.261.21%
jp flag icon2269Meiji Holdings Co¥965bn14.972.48%
jp flag icon2875Toyo Suisan Kaisha¥582bn23.321.58%
jp flag icon2002Nisshin Seifun¥485bn18.322.39%
jp flag icon2282NH Foods¥418bn10.532.5%
jp flag icon2229Calbee¥365bn18.921.84%
jp flag icon2212Yamazaki Baking Co¥344bn22.021.34%
jp flag icon2871Nichirei¥329bn14.211.97%
jp flag icon2809Kewpie¥322bn172.03%
jp flag icon2810House Foods¥299bn21.391.51%
jp flag icon2811Kagome Co¥277bn33.071.15%
jp flag icon2222Kotobuki Spirits Co¥252bn84.810.37%
jp flag icon2206Ezaki Glico Co¥237bn20.131.88%
jp flag icon1377Sakata Seed¥215bn23.90.93%
jp flag icon2607Fuji Oil Holdings¥207bn16.592.16%
jp flag icon2201Morinaga & Co¥200bn7.532.2%