Top Food & Drug Retailing stocks in Japan

Retailers operating pharmacies, grocery, convenience, liquor and specialty food stores.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon3382Seven & I Holdings Co¥5tn9.812.08%
jp flag icon8267Aeon Co¥3tn30.141.07%
jp flag icon2651Lawson¥1tn17.61.14%
jp flag icon3088MatsukiyoCocokara & Co¥1tn16.971.5%
jp flag icon3038Kobe Bussan Co¥844bn33.050.58%
jp flag icon3349Cosmos Pharmaceutical¥508bn20.310.92%
jp flag icon9989Sundrug Co¥470bn15.972.83%
jp flag icon3391Tsuruha Holdings¥448bn13.522.9%
jp flag icon7649Sugi Holdings Co¥428bn16.141.13%
jp flag icon3141Welcia Holdings Co¥403bn11.831.74%
jp flag icon8279Yaoko Co¥378bn18.941.18%
jp flag icon3549Kusuri No Aoki Holdings Co¥295bn23.40.35%
jp flag icon7451Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co¥240bn10.332.9%
jp flag icon3148Create SD Holdings Co¥213bn14.271.93%
jp flag icon9627Ain Holdings¥197bn11.451.42%
jp flag icon8278Fuji Co¥171bn14.851.52%
jp flag icon8194Life¥170bn9.162.49%
jp flag icon2659San-A Co¥154bn12.62.21%
jp flag icon9919Kansai Food Market¥154bn17.690.59%
jp flag icon9948Arcs Co¥146bn11.962.52%