Top Food & Drug Retailing stocks in Japan

Retailers operating pharmacies, grocery, convenience, liquor and specialty food stores.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon3382Seven & I Holdings Co¥5tn12.451.68%
jp flag icon8267Aeon Co¥3tn33.981.18%
jp flag icon3088MatsukiyoCocokara & Co¥1tn21.870.86%
jp flag icon3038Kobe Bussan Co¥803bn36.060.58%
jp flag icon2651Lawson¥682bn16.422.2%
jp flag icon3349Cosmos Pharmaceutical¥622bn25.890.64%
jp flag icon3141Welcia Holdings Co¥550bn16.41.2%
jp flag icon3391Tsuruha Holdings¥501bn16.162.52%
jp flag icon9989Sundrug Co¥498bn18.712.35%
jp flag icon7649Sugi Holdings Co¥377bn16.561.28%
jp flag icon8279Yaoko Co¥301bn17.191.1%
jp flag icon3549Kusuri No Aoki Holdings Co¥275bn19.20.33%
jp flag icon3148Create SD Holdings Co¥218bn16.171.51%
jp flag icon7451Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co¥175bn9.162.73%
jp flag icon8194Life¥173bn11.61.9%
jp flag icon9627Ain Holdings¥159bn10.731.33%
jp flag icon8278Fuji Co¥157bn11.761.66%
jp flag icon9948Arcs Co¥151bn14.132.14%
jp flag icon2659San-A Co¥149bn17.751.53%
jp flag icon3222United Super Markets Holdings¥143bn33.231.43%